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        Suzhou Sentong Photovoltaic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, we are located in enconomically developed zone---Kunshan, Suzhou city, east of Shanghai, south of Shanghai---Nanjing Railway, Shanghai---Nanjing Express way, Yangtze River high way, west of Yangcheng Lake, Sutong Bridge, only 2km from Yangtze River high way of Bacheng Exit, very convenient transportation.

        As a factory having the Import-Export Rights, STPV now has workshop over 5000m2, specializes in solar aluminum frame. Our products, full ranges, stable quality, reasonable price, delivery on time...and we have the ability of yearly output of 9 million sets of alu. Frame, and can meet the solar components customers’ need. Our products are very popular both domestic and international markets.

        STPV strictly with ISO9001 system, continuously improving process and quality, to meet the markets’ need and environment requirement. Now we have 6 technical engineers, 6 production engineers, and 6 production managers, trading staffs over 8 persons---, total about 60 staffs.

        STPV strongly with loyalty, honesty, and good service, we are sincerely welcome new and old customers to work together, mutual benefit together!

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        Suzhou Sentong Photovoltaic Co., Ltd.

        No.838, Xincheng Road, Bacheng Town, Suzhou215311, Jiangsu, China



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        Message +86-512-57651633

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